Company Director Robbed of RM275,000 at Petrol Station

8 September 2007
Petaling Jaya

A 28-year-old consultant director and his company security guard were robbed by four armed men at a petrol station in Kelana Jaya yesterday at 4:30pm.

After withdrawing RM275,000 from a bank in Sea Park which was meant for the employees’ salaries, the director drove to the petrol station to fill up, about 10KM away. As he got off from the car to pay for the petrol, four men armed with parangs pulled up in a Toyota Vios vehicle.

Two men smashed the car windows and one grabbed the briefcase containing the cash at the right rear door. The guard, who was seated at the front passenger seat, pulled out a pistol but the third suspect tried to wrestle it away. He failed to get the pistol and they took off in the car. The guard fired two shots at them but missed.

The suspects are believed to be Indonesians.

The Star Online – Four men rob businessman of RM275,000 at petrol station

New Straits Times – Company director, guard robbed at petrol station

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