Ear Biting Man Claimed Self-Defence

9 March 2007
George Town

The Singaporean who was accused of biting off and swallowing part of the 36-year-old car salesman’s ear on Monday claimed that he did it out of self-defence. The 54-year-old suspect denied that he had swallowed it and claimed that the salesman, Amir Hamzah, had attacked him with a metal pipe while they were at a roadside stall in Taman Free School.

The suspect, who has Malaysian permanent resident status, has surrendered to police on Wednesday. He admitted to the police that he had verbally abused Amir that day. The suspect will be remanded until next Monday.

Amir claimed that he was attacked by a mentally unstable man at the stall. He was rushed to hospital where doctors used flesh from his thigh to patch the injured ear. He has been discharged but will have to undergo corrective plastic surgery.

Police have classified the case under causing grievious hurt.

New Straits Times – Surprising twist in ear biting case

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