IGP Musa Says Public Can Depend on Police

2 June 2010
Kuala Lumpur

IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the public can depend on his police force as he reminds them that their job is to protect and assist the public and to behave themselves at all times.

He said 7,402 officers who were previously assigned for office duties have been deployed to the ground to do patrol duties since January this year. Assistant Superintendents and Inspectors are doing investigative work and over 5,000 lower rank officers are performing patrol duties and intelligence gathering.

This re-deployment exercise conceived by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak targets to achieve a police to population ratio of 1:300 from the existing 1:500 figure.

7,000 more have been deployed to work at 14 police contingents covering 147 district police headquarters and 757 police stations across the nation. 500 people will be recruited as sergeants who will do police investigations only.

Musa said with the larger police presence, the public feels safe when they go out and can expect cases to be resolved faster.

Straits Times Online, The – IGP: The public can depend on us

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One Response to “IGP Musa Says Public Can Depend on Police”

  1. Pardon my ignorance but may I put forward one view to a solution which is my personal opinion.

    One of the main reasons for recurring crime is ignorance. All too often, when one ends up in a police station reporting his/her ordeal, they get to hear of a more heinous crime that has been committed on someone else.

    For authorities to receive a report of a crime should be the catalyst to disseminate the info to as many people out there as possible.

    With some persuasion, the Telcos can be asked to transmit these as free messages to the population whereby people will be more alert.

    The mass media too can play a major role to highlight such incidences via short films and documentaries.

    Sure foreigners may look down on our country but the crimes are real and the perception by foreigners will only be a perception.

    Acknowledgent of the crime is the first step in prevention. Educating the populace may prevent more recurrances.

    Please consider and pass on if appropriate.

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