Juvenile Burglars Stole from Government Quarters

1 November 2011

Two boys aged 7 and 8 years were found to have been stealing valuables from government staff quarters in Putrajaya for a period of six months. They skipped school and broke into 26 apartments stealing cash, shoes, mobile phones, caps, a gaming console and a watch.

Police said the boys attended the same school and live in the same place as the victims’ apartments in Section 8. It is learnt that they would find keys hidden in the residents’ shoes and pots near their entrances. Some residents did not even lock their homes, thinking it was safe in Putrajaya.

The boys even used the stolen cash to buy shoes and a radio-controlled car.

Their thieving spree came to an end when the father of their friend reported the matter on 27 October. However, none of the victims came forward to lodge police reports against the boys.

The police instead informed the boys’ parents and school, as well as referring the case to the Welfare Department.

Star Online, The – Kid burglars nabbed in Putrajaya

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