Taxi Driver Asks for Cab Fare After Raping Customer

23 January 2009
Petaling Jaya

A taxi driver who had raped a 28-year-old clerk a few times had the cheek to demand that she pay for the cab fare for the trip to her home.

The victim had got into the taxi after work in Bandar Utama on Tuesday at 9pm. Although the taxi driver was instructed to drive to Section 17, Petaling Jaya, he drove the victim to a deserted area in Sentul. Once there, he managed to handcuff the victim, stripped her naked and raped her a few times.

The taxi driver then proceeded to drive her back to Section 17 at 4:30am. When he demanded for the cab fare, the victim told him she had to go into her house to get the cash. When the victim went into the house, she alerted her uncle who rushed out to confront the taxi driver.

A fight broke out between the men before the taxi driver sped off in his taxi as he tried to knock the victim’s uncle down.

The victim was brought to the Petaling Jaya police station by her uncle where they lodged a report. She was then sent to University Malaya Medical Centre for a medical inspection.

New Straits Times Online – Rapist cabbie asks for fare from victim

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