15-Year-Old Beaten After Attempt to Rape Woman

19 April 2010
George Town

A 15-year-old boy was apprehended and beaten up by a security guard at the Komtar bus terminal after he and his friend molested and tried to rape a 28-year-old woman there.

On Saturday at 9:15pm, the two suspects rushed into the first-floor toilet after the victim, who works for an express bus company there, entered. They threatened her with a knife and demanded that she hand over her valuables. Then, they started to fondle her private parts while forcing her to keep quiet.

When the victim saw a male toilet cleaner entering the toilet, she screamed which frightened off the suspects. Security guard Zainol Mat Saad was alerted by the screams and waited under an escalator until they came out and managed to catch hold of one of them.

The other suspect escaped with the victim’s handbag, including a mobile phone, necklace and RM50 cash.

It is believed that another woman may have been an accomplice because the victim said she only used the toilet when she saw the other woman enter it first. After the woman left, the suspects rushed in.

The 15-year-old suspect was remanded for four days after he sought treatment from Penang Hospital. Police are looking for the other man and a woman to aid investigations.

Straits Times Online, The – Teen held over rape attempt

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