20-year-old Gang Raped by Four

3 December 2007
Subang Jaya

A 20-year-old graphic designer with a local Chinese newspaper was kidnapped and gang-raped near her USJ6 home on Sunday.

After the victim and her younger sister had spent a day at Genting Highlands, four men had been trailing her to her house. When she had parked her car outside of the house, the suspects grabbed her into their car, leaving the younger sister behind.

The victim offered to give the men RM1,000 but they did not accept. Instead, they called the victim’s mother and demanded for another RM4,000. She only deposited RM2,000 into the victim’s bank account.

The victim was released around noon after the suspects had taken turns to rape her.

The Star Online – Woman, 20, abducted and raped

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2 Responses to “20-year-old Gang Raped by Four”

  1. the star blew out of proportion (screw the star), the victim is > 20, about 26 accrding to vernacular paper. and not sure if she kena wrap……

  2. The Star may have mis-reported the case.

    Does anyone have any update on this story? What was the intention of the gang?

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