21 Chinese Women Detained from Hotel Spa for Vice

16 April 2010
George Town

Three men were found naked and in compromising positions with Chinese women in their rooms when police raided a hotel spa and reflexology center along Macalister Road at 4:30pm Wednesday. A total of 21 Chinese nationals, aged between 21 and 36 years, where arrested on suspicion being part of a prostitution ring and having abused their social visit passes.

Eight Chinese nationals where hiding under a bed and inside the bathroom of another hotel room on the fourth floor. Ten more who worked as masseuses in the spa on the third floor were picked up by the anti-vice police.

Police found condoms inside the toilet bowls and lubricants. A flask filled with condoms was discovered in the spa. They also seized oral antiseptic, an undisclosed amount of cash, a customer list, hotel receipts and an earnings book.

Police also detained four pimps, two spa managers, a hostess, a cashier and two hotel employees who had obstructed police from carrying out their duties. They were all locals aged between 30 and 49 years and had been operating the vice activities for over a month.

The Chinese nationals would be remanded for 14 days under the Immigration Act for violation of their social visit passes before they will be handed over to the Immigration Department.

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