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Previous Month Stats: January 2010

MCW Site Stats January 2010 - Pageviews

  • Total pageviews: 13,878
  • Pageviews/day: 448
  • Returning visitors: 30.89%
  • Average time spent: 1m 26s

Site Statistics for Year 2009

2009 was a year where natural disasters and the world economies took center stage in news. Crime was always in the minds of the people.

Numbers that you need to know about MCW in 2009:

MCW will continue to report on the security landscape of Malaysia in 2010 and through the new decade.

Site Statistics for October 2007

October 2007 was a month murder and corruption news. Although the Muslim festivities were ongoing, visitors were fixated on any news about the 8-year-old Malay girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was abducted from a night market, sodomized, murdered, then stuffed in a sports bag. Until now, police have not charged anyone with the crime.

On 11 October 2007, Nurin’s post-mortem photos were the most sought after, causing traffic to spike to the highest that day.

The second most common crime was sex crimes. There was an Indonesian who was gang-raped by 12 including a policeman, a bogus medium who molested, raped and took naked photographs of children, and a 18-year-old was abducted and sexually abused by three posing as Customs officers.

The MCW Forum has 4 members now, and anonymous guests are visiting the forums everyday. Hopefully more folks will register and join in the discussions where they are free to express themselves and share knowledge.

Counting from the beginning of the year, MCW has surpassed the 20,000 page view mark in October. Content subscribers via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) peaked beyond 20 readers.

Like the previous month, October saw a new high number of visitors, up 4.8% from September, despite the Muslim festivities. On the average, MCW had 124 unique readers per day.

Note: Figure in blue indicates increase from previous period, and figure in red indicates decrease from previous period.

MCW Site Stats October 2007 - Visitors
October 2007 Visitors

MCW Site Stats October 2007 - Pageviews
October 2007 Pageviews

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