Altantuya Murder Trial: Chemist Director Did Not Analyze All Bone Specimens

9 Oct 2007
Shah Alam

J. Primulapathi was on the witness stand yesterday and was examined by the defence counsel over his analysis of the bone fragments found in the crime scene of the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder. The director of the forensics division at the Chemistry Department said that he received bone specimens labelled skull, spine, lumbar, pelvic and humerus but decided to analyze only the skull.

Primulapathi said that he did not examine the other four bone specimens because they were all collected from the same crime scene. This, however, prompted the defence counsel to suggest that the bones may have been collected from more than one location.

Primulapathi maintained that there was no way these bone fragments could be mixed up or contaminated.

The trial continues today.

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