Altantuya Murder Trial: Location of Caller Inaccurate

12 February 2008
Shah Alam

Celcom mobile access planning technician Haizal Hambali told the High Court murder trial of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu that a transmission station could not accurately trace the location of a person using a mobile phone. A call transaction may not be captured by the nearest transmission station if it is handled by another transmission station with a stronger signal.

Haizal also said that the transaction could shift between transmission stations if the area is congested. The call signal may also be weak if the caller was in a jungle or hilly area.

Haizal is the 63rd prosecution witness in the trial and the third from Celcom who had given evidence on mobile phone calls and text messages said to have been made by accused Azilah on the night when Altantuya was murdered.

The trial continues today.

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