Altantuya Murder Trial: Mobile Location Traceable

22 January 2008
Shah Alam

Celcom technical specialist Haizal Hambali was the next prosecution witness in the murder trial of Altantuya Shaariibuu, where he explained that a mobile phone caller and short message sender could be traced from the transmission station through the Location Code (LAC), Service Area Code (SAC) and Cell ID Code.

Haizal elaborated that LAc refers to a large area made up of several transmission stations. Each of these stations share the same LAC but has its own SAC. Cells IDs are a subset of LAC and their values are unique.

The codes can be used to determine the transmission station based on the strength of mobile signals, thus locating the caller, 32-year-old Haizal said. Haizal joined Celcom eight years ago and has been in his current position for the past three years.

It is learnt that Hazial obtained the LAC and cell ID data from accused Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri’s SIM card. He then sent the findings to Mohd Firdaous Mohd Omar, a Celcom Malaysia special project and investigation department’s executive, who formatted and presented Azilah’s mobile details in previous hearings.

The trial continues on Thursday.

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