Altantuya Murder Trial: More Bone Analysis

20 March 2008
Shah Alam

Based on the colour and surface texture of the bone fragments found at the crime scene, they had originated from one human body, Kuala Lumpur Hospital forensic pathologist Dr Nurliza Abdullah said. The 43-year-old witness was testifying in the 97th day of the murder trial of Altantuya Shaariibuu yesterday.

She said her bone analysis suggested a 91% possibility that the bones had belonged to a female based on one humerus bone. She could not determine the time of death but the bone marrow and soft tissue indicated that it could have been a year ago.

Dr Nurliza said that the multiple cracks found in the bone fragments indicated that the victim could not have fallen or injured herself but might have been caused by explosives placed on the front of the body.

The hearing continues on Monday.

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