Altantuya Murder Trial: Razak was Threatened by PI

26 March 2008
Shah Alam

Assistant Superintendent Tonny Lunggan gave his testimony as the 75th prosecution witness in the murder trial of Altantuya Shaariibuu yesterday. As the senior investigating officer of the case, he said co-accused political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda lodged a police report at the Brickfields district headquarters on 23 October 2006 over a suspected threat on him made three days after the Mongolian woman was murdered.

A day earlier, Tonny said he was informed by Brickfields CID chief DSP Idris Abd Karim that a “VIP” would be lodging a report at his office the next day.

Abdul Razak was accompanied by his father Datuk Abdullah Malim Baginda and private investigator P. Balasubramaniam that day. He claimed that Ang Chong Beng, the private investigator hired by Altantuya, was threatening him. He also reported that he received a call from an officer at the Jalan Travers police station on 26 October 2006 regarding a report about an abduction of a foreign woman.

Altantuya’s cousin Namiraa Gerelmaa had testified before that she had followed Altantuya to Abdul Razak’s house and office and that she had lodged a police report when Altantuya did not return to their hotel room after she had gone to meet Abdul Razak.

Corporal Suraman Suloh took Abdul Razak’s statement and referred it to Tonny. He also called Ang to the station to take his statement.

Tonny then was informed by Sergeant Hussain Abu Bakar of Travers police station of a missing person report lodged at the Tun H. S. Lee police station by a “Mongolian woman”. When he received the report, Tonny saw that it was about kidnap, instead of a missing person.

Earlier, 27-year-old Lance Corporal Mazlina Anuar testified that she was instructed by investigating officer DSP Gan Tack Guan to escort Lance Corporal Rohaniza Roslan to Mirama Hotel on 15 November 2006. Rohaniza is accused Azilah’s ex-girlfriend.

With permission from Gan, Mazlina escorted Rohaniza to Gombak to visit her family first. Together with two friends of Rohaniza, they went out for dinner before retiring to the hotel. Rohaniza’s friends left the hotel later, and she was brought to the city police headquarters the next day.

The hearing continues today.

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