Baby Died with Mother’s Breast Milk

11 June 2007
Alor Star

Two-month-old Khirunisak Abdul Manaf was found lying unconscious in bed with her mother’s breast milk in her mouth yesterday. Her mother, Nor Asmah Mohamad, aged 28, had tried to wake her up at 5am at their Tongkang Yard home.

Khirunisak was breast-fed by her mother on Saturday night at 10pm before she was put to bed on a mattress in the parents’ room. When Nor Asmah and her husband, Abdul Manaf Salim, aged 30, woke up the next morning to see their baby motionless, they rushed her to the Alor Star hospital.

The baby was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. It is suspected that Khirunisak may have died from aspiration pneumonia, where her lungs were filled with her mother’s breast milk, causing her to drown.

A post-mortem has been ordered and her body was released to her family yesterday. Police have classified the case as sudden death.

New Straits Times – Baby chokes to death on mum’s milk

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