Baby Girl Sexually Abused by Babysitter’s Son

23 February 2009
Kuala Lumpur

A one-year-old girl was reportedly sexually abused by one of the babysitter’s sons when the mother of the victim found blood stains on the girl’s private parts. The 20-year-old clerk discovered the blood stains when she was changing the girl’s diapers after returning from the babysitter’s house.

The clerk and her 25-year-old husband, who works as a mechanic, brought the girl to a clinic and was referred to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital where she was hospitalised for three days. The doctor reported that there were penetration wounds on the girl’s private parts and anus but could not tell what was inserted.

The couple’s daughter had been cared for by the babysitter, a family friend, for the past 7 months everyday except Sundays. They went to the Sentul police station on Wednesday but did not want their identities to be revealed.

Their lawyer, Lim Lip Eng, who is also the Segambut MP, said that the police were slow in investigating the case and would be sending the parents for counselling for the trauma they experienced.

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