Balasubramaniam and Shaariibuu Setev Testify in Altantuya Trial

22 June 2007
Shah Alam

The fourth day of the Altantuya murder trial continues with P. Balasubramaniam saying that accused Abdul Razak Baginda had never asked him to murder the Mongolian woman known as Altantuya Shaariibuu. He also said there was no need for Abdul Razak to lodge a police report against the deceased victim for being outside his office on 9 October 2006.

The private investigator testified that his assistant, K. Suras Kumar, was dismissed for being “too close” to one of the three Mongolian women whom he was task to monitor. Abdul Razak had complained to him that the Suras was getting too close.

Abdul Razak’s counsel Wong Kian Kheong asked Balasubramaniam the kind of relationship his assistant was having with one of the women and that he had rented a room at Hotel Malaya to spend the night with one of them.

The prosecution’s second witness, Altantuya’s father, 57-year-old Shaariibuu Setev told the court that his daughter had come to Malaysia twice last year to see a man named “Baginda”. Altantuya had visited Malaysia two years ago as well.

The director of the National University of Mongolia’s information and education centre then testified that her daughter had said that she had someone in Malaysia. She did not elaborate further on their relationship.

Shaariibuu then explained that he and his wife Altantsetseg, aged 52, live in an apartment in the Mongolian capital of Ulanbator. Altantuya was not married but had two children and they have a younger daughter named Altanzul who just gave birth and lives with them.

Shaariibuu’s testimony was interpreted from Mongolian into English by Mongolian interpreter Enkhjargal Tsetsgee. Enkhjargal was also the spokesperson for the man.

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