Bank Clerk Paid Cash to Sodomise Male Student

24 September 2007

A 13-year-old Form One male student was allegedly sodomised by a 46-year-old bank clerk in the latter’s Bertam Lane house off Penang Road.

The clerk had befriended the student in May 2007, bringing him to dinner and movies. When he sodomised the student in his house, he paid him RM20 to keep quiet. From then on, the student had visited the clerk at least 14 times and was paid between RM10 and RM20 each time.

The victim’s 17-year-old brother suspected something was wrong when the student started to buy toys he could not have afforded. After he had confessed, the student’s mother lodged a police report at the Patani Road police station on Sunday.

A medical report at the Penang Hospital where the victim was examined showed that he had multiple tears on his anal sphincter.

Police have classified the case as committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature without consent under Section 377C of the Penal Code and have arrested the clerk. They are determining if the clerk had multiple victims.

The Star Online – Bank clerk arrested for sodomising schoolboy

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