Bank Manager Fined Record Amount for Criminal Breach of Trust

26 January 2007
Alor Star

Former RHB Bank manager, Tan Khay Guan, aged 39, has been fined RM19.3 million by a Sessions Court yesterday for criminal breach of trust, forgery and money laundering. He was also sentenced to 13 years’ jail. The offences were committed at the Mergong branch between April 5 and September 23 2004.

Acting as the branch manager, Tan opened two current accounts without authorization and approved drafts valued at RM21 million to these accounts. RM19.3 million was transferred to a Rockwell and Bond Bank of East Asia account in Hong Kong with the intention to buy shares.

Tan was arrested at the Bukit Kayu Hitam border checkpoint on October 31 2004 trying to escape from the country.

The Star Online – Ex-bank manager hit with record fine and jailed 13 years

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