Body Thrown Out From Moving Car at Hospital

30 August 2007
Petaling Jaya

A silver Perodua Kancil driven by an identified man passed by Selayang Hospital emergency department at 6:30am on Wednesday. Without stopping, the driver opened a door and pushed the body of 36-year-old cybercafe worker and debt collector Yap Kok Keong out of the car. He then sped off without closing the door.

A security guard and two others approached the body and took the body into the hospital. Doctors found bruises on his forehead and a slash wound on his right calf, and pronounced him dead.

Police checked on Yap’s terrace house in Jinjang Utara later where it was believed that he was attacked. They found the backdoor open and the house ransacked. Bloodstains were on the floor, and a mobile phone and parang in a pail of water seized by the police. Some drug paraphernalia and women’s clothing were also collected.

Yap was previously convicted of drug abuse.

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