Bomoh Molested Women While Wife Helped

25 December 2008
Kota Tinggi

A 50-year-old bomoh is believed to have been molesting women with the help of his 43-year-old wife.

The bomoh’s deeds came to light after a 19-year-old victim lodged a police report. The victim went to the bomoh’s house in Bandar Tenggara on Tuesday at 8pm as she sought for medication for muscle aches.

The bomoh started reading her palm then his wife held the victim tightly to the ground and covered her mouth. The bomoh then removed the victim’s clothes and molested her.

The victim managed to wrestle herself free and escaped.

Police have detained the bomoh and his wife for further investigations.

The Star Online – Bomoh and wife held over molest

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One Response to “Bomoh Molested Women While Wife Helped”

  1. Everyone, please be careful out there. I’ve had enough of con artists & opportunists taking advantage of people at their most vulnerable & desperate.

    They call themselves bomoh / dukun / pawang / shaman / witch doctor / aamil, etc.

    I was cheated of thousands by them in the past. They are nothing more than scammers out to make easy money (a lot of it too!).

    I’ve wasted a lot of time, effort, & money in looking for & going to these bomohs, & I was left emotionally & mentally drained.

    The situation now seems to be getting out of hand.

    First, their scam was to make you pay a lot of money outright.

    When people wised up, they progressed to getting you to pay less money, but then make it so that you have to come back multiple times & pay money each time. So in the end you would have spent thousands if not tens of thousands.

    And now the latest scam is to say that there is no charge BUT you have to pay for materials used + give them money which will be donated to the needy or orphans.

    Do you really think they use that money to buy materials? Or that they will donate the money to anyone other than themselves? Why don’t they just have us donate the money directly to charitable organizations without having to go thru them? Did bomohs in the past need to use a lot of money to purchase materials? & what materials are they? They even have websites now advertising their services like it’s an IKEA catalogue!

    Some bomohs even ask for sex or feel you up.

    A real bomoh should not ask for ANYTHING and you should only give them an ang pow to show your appreciation. That’s all!

    In the end I did manage to find a bomoh who did not charge me anything. And best of all, he managed to solve my problems.

    Everywhere I see on the internet there are scammers plying their trade & trying to dupe us when we’re emotionally at our most vulnerable.

    Ladies & guys, it’s time to help each other out. All this has made me quite angry & I’m only sorry that I’ve never spoken up till now.

    I’ve spoken to the bomoh I know (in Sarawak, Malaysia) & although he’s very reclusive I’ve managed to convince him that this would help a lot of people & stop them from being scammed further. He’s agreed to help anyone who is in need & has allowed me to speak on his behalf.

    He does NOT charge anything at all.
    He does NOT charge for materials.
    He does NOT ask you to give him money so that he can donate it to others.
    Nor does he ask you to come back multiple times.
    And he does not request for any bodily pleasures either.

    You can give any amount of ang pow you wish. Even 20 dollars is ok! It doesn’t matter how much because he is a real bomoh & real bomohs do not even ask for money! FYI he never asked for money but of course it is only courteous that we give him something.

    I will NOT ask for any payment or ‘introduction’ fee either as I have been in the same boat as all of you & I just want to help others who are in the same desperate & lonely shoes as I have been.

    You can contact me at

    The bomoh can help you with ubat pengasih, relationship problems, disharmony at work, make you more likeable to others, bad luck, etc.

    But please do NOT email me if you are looking to cause injury or death to others. I will not be a part of those sort of things.

    To everyone here, please spread the word. Tell yourself or any of your friends who are looking for bomohs to NOT trust anyone who asks for money. Give them my email & I will try to help them out. Hopefully I can find some other way to help them without looking for a bomoh. The bomoh should be a last resort.

    As I’ve been scammed before, I’m making it my mission to make sure others do not get scammed too. Although, I believe many here have already been conned but like me have just been too embarrassed to speak up, or have just given up hope completely.

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