British National Conned into Purchase of Property

2 March 2007

A British taxi driver had planned to retire in the tropics because of the cold English weather. The 63-year-old man met a tour guide in London three years ago, whom he kept contact with and met many times thereafter.

The suspect managed to convince him to visit Malaysia because of the summer weather and low cost of living here. After visiting Penang, the Briton decided to move here. He then planned to transfer RM500,000 to the suspect’s account to buy the house in Butterworth for him.

The Briton realized it was a mistake when he checked with his lawyer that the sales and purchase agreement he signed was for only RM200,000 instead of the RM500,000 that he had transferred earlier this year.

Police are on the lookout for the suspect and has classified this case as criminal breach of trust.

The Star Online – British cabbie taken for a ride

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