Burglar Sentenced to 39 Years’ Jail

18 June 2007

54-year-old Ahmad Tarmizi Mohd Husin has been sentenced to 15 years of jail time each for causing the deaths of sawmill owner Leaw Chong Kit and his wife Leong Guet Hwa, both aged 43. Ahmad Tarmizi had robbed the couple of their valuables in their house at Taman Intan Jaya, Teluk Intan at 6am on 15 February 2002. He then stabbed the couple to death.

The judge has also sentenced him to 9 years’ jail for grievously injuring the couple’s son Alexander while robbing the mother’s purse, a mobile phone and a watch at the same incident.

The teenager, who was 17 years old then, was stabbed several times together with his father when they were trying to stop Ahmad Tarmizi from escaping. Alexander survived the chest and hand injuries but Leaw died from blood loss at chest, liver and abdomen stab wounds. Leong was stabbed fatally in the neck when she struggled with the burglar.

In total, Ahmad Tarmizi has been sentenced a total of 39 years’ jail but the sentences are to run concurrently from 20 March 2002.

He claimed trial for the murder of the two, but the Deputy Public Prosecutor had changed the charge to manslaughter. He pleaded guilty to this charge.

Ahmad Tarmizi has been in and out of jail since 1972 for at least five counts of housebreaking and six drug possession offences.

The Star Online – Burglar gets 39 years’ jail for killing victims

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