Businessman Robbed of RM1.5 Million

23 January 2008

Three robbers broke into the house of a 48-year-old businessman in Taman Pertam Jaya, Semabok, and took RM1.5 million of cash and valuables yesterday. The items stolen include RM50,000 of jewellery, RM165,000 cash, 5 antique statues worth RM1 million, a few mobile phones worth RM9,000, a 42-inch plasma TV, and 11 bottles of liquor.

Businessman Tony Yau returned home after sending his family to a restaurant, only to find the padlock on his front grille missing. He then saw two men wearing baseball caps and surgical masks, and armed with parangs, approaching him. They warned him that they did not want to hurt anyone but to take his belongings.

Yau was also forced to hand over his Rolex watch, mobile phone and jewellery, worth a total of RM30,000.

New Straits Times – Businessman loses RM1.5m

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