Canny Ong’s Killer Loses Appeal Against Death Sentence

28 March 2009

Canny Ong’s killer, 34-year-old Ahmad Najib Aris, has lost his appeal against the rape and murder conviction and continues to face his death sentence. The Federal Court Judge Ahmad Makinuddin said there was adequate circumstantial and forensic evidence to conclude that only Ahmad Najib was guilty for the death of the IT analyst six years ago when her charred remains were found in a manhole near a highway construction site.

The appeal was heard before a bench of five including Chief Judge of Malaya Arifin Zakaria and Federal Court Justices Nik Hashim Nik Ab Rahman, S. Augustine Paul, Hashim Yusoff and Zulkefli.

The charges were that Ahmad Najib, a former aircraft cleaning supervisor, raped and murdered Ong along Jalan Klang Lama on 14 June 2003 between 1am and 5am after she was abducted by him from Bangsar Shopping Centre. Her burnt remains were found in a manhole three days later.

Justice Zulkefli said that the chemist’s report provided circumstantial evidence following the discovery of Ong’s bloodstains on a pair of trousers found in Ahmad Najib’s house. Ahmad Najib was also seen at various locations together with Ong at 7th Mile, Jalan Klang Lama, on the day that Ong was abducted. A DNA test found Ahmad Najib’s semen in Ong’s vagina, proving that the man have had sex with the latter.

Trial judge Datuk Muhammad Ideres Rapee sentenced Ahmad Najib on 23 February 2005 to death and 20 years’ jail time for the charges.

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