Carjacking Gang Crippled by Police

25 February 2008
Petaling Jaya

Three men were arrested on 16 February 2008 and a stolen BMW vehicle was recovered in Shah Alam, leading to the arrest of three more and recovery of four more vehicles. The suspects are believed to be members of the Bumper Gang which have been responsible for at least 25 carjacking cases.

The other three were arrested in an apartment in Subang Jaya on 19 February 2008 and police seized a Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and Honda CRV.

The gang, which has been active in the Klang Valley and Selangor since October 2007, would usually fake a road accident by deliberately knocking into the back of victims’ cars. The victims would then stop to check the damage which was when the gang would take off with their cars. The gang usually targeted cars with just the driver alone.

Several other suspects, including a woman, are wanted by the police. A Proton Wira vehicle, belonging to one of the suspects, was also seized with three car keys and four stolen mobile phones inside.

The Star Online – Bumper Gang busted

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