Children Abused, One Dead

10 February 2007

An odd-job worker has been remanded for six days after he was reported to have kicked his two-year-old son to death, stuffed the body in a bag and three it in a drain two weeks ago. The man then threatened his family in Rantau Panjang to keep silent about the incident.

His wife even thought the child was still alive and had asked him to send the child to the hospital.

The suspect would lock the family indoors when he went out. On Thursday, his wife escaped via the unlocked back door and notified a relative.

When police arrived at the suspect’s house, he tried to escape. A police dog found him in some bushes and he was arrested at about 1am yesterday. Police have yet to find the body.

The suspect is believed to have also abused other children as they had bruises. The oldest child suffered a fracture on his left hand. They have been admitted to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah hospital for medical checkups.

New Straits Times – Man held in probe into death of son

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