Chinese Journalist Snagged by Snatch Thief

31 July 2007

Zhong Min Yi, aged 24, is a journalist from China on her first visit to Malaysia was another victim of snatch theft on Sunday. Zhong, who works for the Star of Overseas Chinese Magazine in Guangzhou, China, had her handbag snatched and suffered a fall. She knocked her head and bruised her right arm and hip.

Zhong arrived to Malacca on Sunday morning with her chief editor Ren Hai Ying. As they were going to Perigi Hang Li Poh, a motorcyclist sped past Zhong and took her handbag. She lost her passport, identification card, bank cards, mobile phone and RMB3,000 cash.

She then lodged a police report at the Melaka Tengah police headquarters.

Zhong said that she will “certainly think twice before coming here again”, after what she went through.

The Star Online – Journalist from China victim of snatch theft

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