Couple Detained Over Abuse and Death of 3-Year-Old Girl

14 April 2010
Subang Jaya

3-year-old Jasmine Lee was taken to Poliklinik Komuniti Seri Kembangan by her 27-year-old stepfather at 7:45am yesterday when she was pronounced dead during a medical examination there. The doctor who examined her found over 30 bruises on her body, arms, legs, back and head.

The stepfather claimed that he found her unconscious at their apartment unit in Bukit Serdang that morning, but could not explain the bruises on the child. The doctor then alerted the police who detained the stepfather and the child’s 24-year-old mother later at 12:45pm. They will remain in police custody at the Subang Jaya police headquarters for further investigations.

It is believed that the child has been subjected to a month of abuse by her stepfather, but police believe that she was not sexually abused. She was believed to have been punched, beaten, step on and slammed onto a hard surface. Sources said the girl was dead for at least two hours before her body was placed inside a cupboard at their apartment.

Neighbours had heard the child crying nightly for over a month. 30-year-old Shamsul Madi said he could hear the screams and cries of a little girl from his apartment and wondered where they came from.

The stepfather married the mother a year ago after she had separated from her former husband. He worked as a mechanic but lost his job from a workshop last month.

The mother also has a 3-month-old baby and this incident has been classified by the police as murder. This has been the third case of fatal child abuse reported in Selangor recently.

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