Couple Shot During Robbery

27 January 2007
Petaling Jaya

A couple were shot while they were robbed at their Puchong Utama home by two men on Thursday evening. R.C. Muniandy, aged 58, and his wife K. Nagakannu, aged 55, were warded at the University Malaya Medical Centre soon after.

The men had approached Muniandy asking for directions, when suddenly one of them snatch his wife’s bag and the other pointed a gun at him. Muniandy became angry and shouted at them. He was shot in the left side of his chest and his wife in the left knee.

After the alarm turned on, the couple’s son and neighbours were alerted. The robbers escaped with RM500 cash, 2 mobile phones, a bank book and the couple’s sundry shop keys.

A spent slug and bloodstains were found at the crime scene. Police are waiting for the DNA test results.

New Straits Times – Couple shot in RM500 robbery

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