Day Five of the Altantuya Murder Trial

24 June 2007
Shah Alam

On the fifth day of the murder trial of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, her father Dr. Shaariibuu Setev was asked to identify and name a photo of his daughter. He was nearly to tears with the photo was shown to him.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Manoj that asked him if him if he could name her, he said that in his country, children who had passed away are not referred to by their names. However, he said, “but if you want me to, I can tell you her name… Altantuya”. Shaariibuu then cried.

After a short while, Shaariibuu said Altantuya had first met Abdul Razak in Hong Kong in 2004.

He had only known about his daughter’s demise from the Mongolian foreign affairs ministry sometime in November. He flew into Kuala Lumpur on 9 November 2006. The deputy chief of the serious crimes division in KL had met up with him to take him to take his blood sample for DNA matching.

The prosecution’s third witness of the case was Namiraa Gerelmaa, aged 23, who is the victim’s second cousin. She was the last person to have heard from Altantuya.

Namiraa and Altantuya’s friend Uuriintuya Gal-Ochir had followed Altantuya to Abdul Razak’s house by taxi because Altantuya said she wanted to go find him. Upon reaching the house, private investigator P. Balasubramaniam told them that the political analyst was not at home.

The trio then left for their hotel, but when they reached the hotel, Altantuya said she wanted to go to the house again to “wish him Happy Deepavali”. She left in a taxi alone at 9pm, leaving Namiraa and Uuriintuya at the hotel.

Later, Altantuya called their hotel room, and Namiraa answered. She told her that she was outside of Abdul Razak’s house, and then the line was cut off suddenly. Namiraa tried in vain to call her back.

Altantuya had left them a list of numbers to call in case of emergency. Namiraa reached Balasubramaniam, but he said he did not know where Altantuya was. Namiraa also tried calling Balasubramaniam’s assistant, Suras Kumar, but failed to reach him.

Around midnight, the women at the hotel was advised by the hotel manager to call Mr Ang, the private investigator hired by Altantuya.

Namiraa lodged a report at the Jalan Bandar police station the next day. She disputed some of the details in court today.

The report said that she arrived in Malaysia on 6 October 2006, but she said that she arrived on 8 October. She is Altantuya’s cousin when the report stated that she was her friend.

Namiraa denied ever saying that Altantuya had received a call from an Indian man who told her that her husband had asked her to go to his Damansara Heights residence. She also denied using words that indicate that Altantuya was married to Abdul Razak.

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