Education Department Staff Murdered

15 August 2007
Kuala Lumpur

Rashid Sait, aged 37 years, was found murdered in his Desa Tun Razak apartment with the apartment’s grille and front doors unlocked. The assistant director of the technology division of the Kuala Lumpur Education Department had stab wounds on the chest when two of his colleagues went to his residence after he did not report to work since Monday.

Police found long-haired wigs, blouses and bras in the apartment. Neighbours said they often saw him dressed in women’s clothes leaving the apartment at night.

Police believe that the man had been dead for three days and that the suspect was likely an associate to him. They also found a 20cm long knife which they believe to be the murder weapon. There are no signs of break-in to the apartment. The body was sent to University Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital for a post-mortem.

The victim’s Hyundai Atos car is missing.

Rashid was from Sarawak and joined the Education Department four years ago.

New Straits Times – Murder victim a cross-dresser?

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2 Responses to “Education Department Staff Murdered”

  1. This was a total shock for all of his Sarawakian friends especially for all the teachers who had known him from the very beginning of his career. He was indeed a very committed person and would take his job very seriously and always knew what he wanted to achieve. But at the same time, he was a very easy person to talk with and very helpful as well.
    He graduated from Sandakan Teacher Training College and first posted to SK. Merambut, Limbang, Sarawak in 1996. I came to know him in 1997 when I was first posted to that school. He had done a lot of changes to the school and had helped in the management when others were not available. Students knew him as a firm teacher and not to be mess around with. It was cool to see he could actually discipline an army of students single-handedly!
    In 1999 there was a great shuffling of staff when there was a new management came to the school. There were about 6 teachers being transferred to various schools scattered around Limbang and Rashid was transferred to SK. Tanjung. He taught there until 2001 when we decided to further our studies. So, he ended up in UTM and after graduated he insisted to be posted in Kuala Lumpur. It was a very brave move for him to try to teach in the big city despite the fact that he knew very well that he would never have a problem handling students in Sarawak.
    He had once told me that he felt bored at teaching the same old thing over and over again and did mundane routine everyday. So, he tried his luck in the Education Technology Division and to my surprise, he really did it. It was a great accomplishment and we felt happy for him as he became successful.
    We received news from him every now and then. The last time we heard he was in Sarawak for official matters early last month. When news of him being murdered, it was a big blow to all of his friends because we had planned to visit him during the end of the year holiday and wanted to spend time in his brand new apartment. We, his friends in Sarawak, really wish and plead to the authorities to gather the information and try to find who did this to our beloved friend.

  2. anonymous, thanks for your detailed and kind description of the victim. Your description of him sheds new light on the character of this committed ex-teacher. Thank you.

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