Education Officer Found Guilty of Two Counts of Corruption

14 August 2007
Shah Alam

Education officer Ahmad Hasnal Abdullah was sentenced yesterday to jail and fined after the Sessions Court found him guilty of corruption.

The 37-year-old man was sentenced to 32 months’ jail and fined RM20,000 for receiving RM28,220 when he informed his supervisor and made a false government declaration that he had to organize training courses in schools in 2001.

For claiming to run an “Administration and Financial Assistance” course in Gombak schools for RM13,780 and a similar course for RM14,440, Ahmad was further sentenced to 12 months’ jail and fined RM10,000, and 18 months’ jail and fined RM10,000 respectively.

The judge set the terms to run concurrently. Ahmad’s counsel asked for a stay of execution pending an appeal to the High Court. The judge granted the stay and set bail at RM12,000 in one surety.

New Straits Times – Education officer sentenced to jail and fined for corruption

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