Fake Malaysian Identity Card Masterminds Nabbed

28 December 2008
Lahad Datu

Police have arrested two suspects who were the masterminds of fake Malaysian identity cards. On Saturday at 7pm, police raided a location at Fajar Centre and arrested a 40-year-old local woman and a 39-year-old foreigner on suspicion for supplying illegal immigrants with fake Malaysian documents on behalf of the National Registration Department (NRD).

Charging RM850 for each application, the duo managed to fool such immigrants into thinking that they were related to the NRD and provide them with the required documents. Once payment has been made, they would inform their victims to collect their documents from the NRC office in Sandakan. By then, the victims would have realized that they have been duped but would not report to the police since they were illegals.

Police found false documents including birth certificates, temporary identity card receipts, some office equipment, and rubber stamps of a NRD officer in Kota Kinabalu and Lahad Datu.

In addition to fake identity cards, the suspects also offered fake road taxes and driver’s licenses to locals. It is believed that the suspects have been active in this illegal business in the past six months.

The Star Online – Duo who faked Malaysian IDs for illegals nabbed

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