Five Robbers Shot Dead After High-Speed Car Chase

5 December 2008

A high-speed car chase from Petra Jaya to Samarahan ended with five suspected armed robbers shot dead by police. The robbers had no identification papers with them and were believed to be foreigners when police approached their Proton Wira Aeroback vehicle yesterday at 5:55am.

Police received a tip-off on the suspects earlier who were loitering in the Semariang area in the vehicle with false number plates. When the police approached them in two patrol cars, the suspects sped off in their stolen vehicle. 25 minutes later, the suspects were cornered near the Samarahan roundabout and crashed into a ditch by the roadside.

The driver of the vehicle got out and started firing at the policemen who also returned fire. He was shot dead. Three others started fleeing from the vehicle while another suspect took out a shotgun and also shot at the policemen. Policemen also shot this suspect dead.

Police then chased after the remaining three suspects who turned on them with parang and crowbars. In defence, the policemen shot dead all three suspects.

It is believed that the robbers were responsible for at least 38 cases of robbery in Kuching and Samarahan districts since July 2008.

Later, police found a a home-made revolver, two live bullets, two machetes, a knife, metal cutter, two crowbars, a laptop computer and two mobile phones. Some amulets and charms were found on the bodies of the robbers, which they believed offered them protection against the authorities.

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