Foreign Women Caught for Vice in Karaoke Outlets

23 March 2008
Johor Baru

Officers from the Federal Police and Johor anti-vice, gaming and secret society division raided two entertainment outlets in Taman Sentosa on Saturday midnight and arrested 58 foreign women suspected of vice activities.

The police team first raided a karaoke nightclub just after midnight and nabbed 35 Thai women and one Indonesian. Some of the rooms were found to have mattresses, suspected to be used for vice.

A nearby karaoke outlet was later stormed into and 14 Thai women, 6 Filipinos and 2 Indonesians were caught.

In addition to the women aged between 19 and 33 years, police also found secret passages leading to hideouts at both outlets. Nearly 100 men had their statements taken.

The Star Online – 58 foreign women nabbed in vice raid

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