Forged Identity Document Syndicate Busted

22 August 2007
Kuala Lumpur

Police have exposed a major forgery syndicate with the arrest of 8 Indonesians, two of them were women, from a rented flat in Persiaran Gurney on Sunday. The suspects, aged between 19 and 30 years, were believed to have handled about 50 fake identity documents per day.

The syndicate operates in cells located in various locations of the country, making millions of ringgit in the past two years with customers mainly from Indonesia. Fake MyKads, foreign worker identity cards, work permits, Indonesian passports and four mobile phones were seized from the flat. The documents were sold for between RM300 and RM500 each.

The suspects in the flat were involved in laminating and binding the documents. They have been remanded for seven days and the documents have been sent to the National Registration Department for further analysis.

New Straits Times – Gang forging ID papers uncovered

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