Former Teacher Murder Suspect Nabbed with SMS

31 January 2007

The former teacher who was suspected of murdering midwife Hasnah Mat, aged 51, in Kuantan, has been arrested in Tapah, Perak, yesterday after a series of flirtatious short message service messages.

A relative of Hasnah’s set the trap to lure the suspect to respond by sending her many messages, appearing to be a man who was interested in her. The 27-year-old finally called the relative and the call was traced by police to a phone booth in Tapah.

The police traced the suspect to a house there after staking out near the phone booth. The suspect’s husband was arrested for theft, while their three-year-old son is under the care of the State Welfare department.

The suspect, who is currently remanded by the police, was the last person seen with Hasnah.

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