Four Indonesians Attempt Robbery and Car Chase

13 February 2007
Batu Pahat

Four Indonesians entered Malaysia by ferry from Batam and went to Kuala Lumpur to hire a car. They then confronted a businessman at 11:30am yesterday by a bank along Jalan Besar Parit Raja in Batu Pahat.

They were after the RM10,000 which the businessman had just withdrawn for his workers’ salaries, but the businessman managed to escape in his friend’s car.

The suspects, armed with a parang, then gave chase in their hired car. The businessman and his friend drove to the Air Hitam police station where they made a police report. A police patrol car identified the suspects’ car and started a high-speed chase. The suspects crashed into a stream some 3km away.

The suspects were quickly arrested and the hired car went up in flames after they were taken out.

Police believe they were part of a syndicate who often enter the country to commit crimes before returning to Indonesia.

The Star Online – Four Indons detained after car chase

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