Fractures and 100 Stitches from Maid Attack

28 February 2009
George Town

An incident with her Indonesian maid in a Sri Mahsuri apartment in Air Itam resulted in fractured skull and 100 stitches all over her body, a 42-year-old factory worker claimed.

Phang Kian Huang alleged that her 20-year-old maid, known as Hanni, assaulted her with a wooden stool, a knife and a mortar on Thursday at 11am while she was sleeping. The first time Hanni used the stool and then returned from the kitchen with a knife and slashed Phang. Fearing that Hanni might return the third time, Phang tried to play dead but was hit with the mortar.

Phang was later sent to the Penang Hospital by neighbours. She suffered a fractured skull and her left ear almost severed. Doctors had to apply 65 stitches on her head and neck and 20 stitches to her ear and 10 more on both her knees.

During the attack, Hanni told Phang that she was going to kill her and commit suicide later. The maid then left the apartment to pick up Phang’s two children from a kindergarten, as if nothing had happened. Phang managed to get her neighbours’ help to call the kindergarten about the maid.

Later, Hanni had brought Phang’s children home before Phang was sent to the hospital. It is believed that Hanni even caused a mess in the house to make it look as if a robbery had occurred and she told the police that Phang was attacked by robbers.

Phang’s 41-year-old husband, Lim Hee Soon, believed that Hanni acted this way because she was scolded by Phang the day before for not perform her duties as a maid properly.

Police have remanded Hanni for a week to aid investigations. They have taken a statement from Phang at the hospital on Saturday while Lim was summoned to give his statement at the Bandar Paru Air Itam police station on Sunday.

Later, police reclassified the case as attempted murder from voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means under Section 326 of the Penal Code because they suspect that Hanni had the intention to kill her employer using the selected items.

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