Gang Attacked Three by Mistake of Identity

22 February 2007
Alor Star

A group of 20 men are believed to have mistaken the identity of a man and attacked him and his two friends in Pekan Melayu yesterday. The men were armed with a samurai sword, sticks and helmets.

It is learnt that one of the men earlier had an argument with a motorist near a restaurant. He called on his friends and went looking for the motorist. They assaulted the three men and caused a slash on the mistaken man’s head. They also smashed the windscreens of three cars before taking off on motorcycles.

Police recovered the weapons near the scene. The victim came in from Singapore to celebrate Chinese New Year and apparently was driving a car with the same model and body colour. He has received 10 stitches and is warded at the Alor Star Hospital.

New Straits Times – Gang attacks 3 in clear case of mistaken identity

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