German Tourist Kidnapped for Five Days

29 August 2007
Kuala Lumpur

Three men and two women of Pakistan, Cambodia, and Indonesia nationalities, including a local, have been arrested by police in relation to a kidnap incident of a German tourist of Pakistani origin on 19 August 2007.

The suspect was released on Friday after his family in Germany and Pakistan paid the ransom of E17,700 (RM84,960) and 500,000 rupees (RM44,250).

On 4 August 2007, the victim businessman came to Malaysia with three relatives for a vacation. While having dinner at the Lido Hotel in Brickfields where they checked into, a Pakistani befriended them.

The Pakistani invited the victim to his apartment in Klang for a family dinner. When the victim reached the place, he was forced into a room and assaulted by three men armed with sticks and a parang. They robbed him of E3,000. The three relatives were contacted by the suspects and were ordered to give E12,000 and their passports as ransom.

Two of the suspects went to the hotel at 20 August 2007 to collect the cash and passports, after which they made a report at the Brickfields police station saying that the relatives were illegal immigrants. Police detained the relatives later but were released when they explained about the kidnapping.

The suspects forced the victim to call his wife in Germany on 21 August 2007 to instruct her to electronically transfer E2,700 to the Western Union branch in Klang. Later, the suspects demanded 500,000 rupees from the victim’s father in Lahore, Pakistan, the next day.

On Friday, the victim was sent to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by a taxi. Instead, the victim told the taxi driver to bring him to the German embassy where he reported his case.

That night at 7:45pm, police raided an apartment in Bukit Kuda Apartments, Klang and arrested the suspects. They found toy pistols but were not able to recover the ransom money.

Police are looking for two more suspects, both Pakistani nationals in their 40s. It is believed that one of them is the mastermind of the kidnap.

New Straits Times – RM129,000 ransom paid to free German tourist

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