Grandmother and Cousin Arrested for Physical Abuse of 2-year-old

13 September 2007
Kota Kinabalu

A 2-year-old baby boy has died possibly of physical abuse at the Queen Elizabeth hospital on 5 September 2007. His parents were deported to the Philippines.

The victim, known as Evin, had been staying with his 50-year-old grandmother and 14-year-old cousin at a Beverly Hills apartment since his parents were deported. Police were alerted by the hospital at 1:30pm that day after he suffered breathing difficulties. Post-mortem results showed that he had internal injuries.

The grandmother was arrested when she showed up at the hospital on 11 September 2007. She has a IMM13 identification document for refugees. Police detained the cousin at a restaurant along Jalan Tuaran at 11pm.

The case was initially classified as sudden death but the two suspects have been remanded under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

The Star Online – Toddler dies after parents deported to Philippines

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