Heroin and Syabu Processing Uncovered in Steel Foundry

18 September 2007

Police discovered a steel foundry in Paya Terubong which was fronting a drug laboratory capable of producing heroin and syabu for 1.4 million drug addicts per day. The raid last Friday uncovered 38.5kg of heroin and 1.6kg of syabu, estimated to be worth RM4.5 million.

Three .45 Colt guns, a Browning gun, a Llama Special gun, a Walther gun, a Sig Sauer gun, 13 magazines and 373 bullets were also seized, making it the largest illegal arms catch this year.

A man in his 30s has been arrested for alleged drug trafficking. He was previously arrested for drug offences and firearms possession. Police will detain him until 28 September 2007 while the case is being investigated under drug trafficking and firearms possession.

Police also seized an assortment of jewellery, cash, a car and a motorcycle totalling RM235,900 from the suspect. They believe he processes the heroin with pure base smuggled from Thailand, and sold the drugs together with the firearms and ammunition as package deals.

The Star Online – Foundry used as drug lab

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