Hospital Medical Assistants Charged With Culpable Homicide

16 January 2007
Kota Baru

Medical assistants Mohd Nazri Che Hassan, aged 37, and Ahmad Sabri Mohd Nawi, aged 35, and attendants Mat Ghani Daud, aged 46, and Mohd Azizi Che Abdullah, aged 41, pleaded not guilty in court when the charge of culpable homicide was read out to them.

The victim of the homicide is Illias, aged 41, who was found dead with multiple head and body injuries at the admission room of the male psychiatric ward D of the Raja Perempuan Zainab II hospital. His family had found him on a hospital bed in the early morning of March 22 2006. They claimed that he had been beaten up.

Illias was earlier arrested at the Kampung Pengkalan Datu mosque for creating a disturbance. He was later sent to the hospital for a check-up.

New Straits Times – Hospital workers claim trial over man’s death

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