Housewife Another Victim of Akademi Fantasia Scam

9 March 2007

A 52-year-old housewife from Bandar Hilir was the latest victim of the Akademi Fantasia 4 (AF4) scam by losing RM5,591.

The victim, known only as Letchumi, said she received an SMS on 18 February 2007 stating that her mobile phone number had been chosen as the RM9,000 winner in the AF4 competition. She returned the call to claim the prize money. A man with an Indonesian accent asked for her bank account number and a set of numbers to be keyed into the ATM.

The victim went to an ATM at 10am on the same day and tried to enter the numbers as the man recited them over the phone. A young man helped her to complete the entry but the mother of the young man told the victim to withdraw all her money as she suspected that the victim was conned.

Letchumi refused to listen to her and attempted to lodge a police report. Police told her that she could not do so as her money was still intact.

However, on 20 February 2007, Letchumi found out that RM5,591 had been withdrawn online.

The Star Online – Malaccan housewife falls for AF4 SMS scam

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