Illegal Logging Detected in Interior Sabah

14 August 2007
Kota Kinabalu

A major illegal logging operation in interior Sabah has been exposed by a Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) team on Sunday. Over 1,000 logs were illegally felled and loaded on 22 lorries, all of which were seized by the team of 18 investigators led by senior investigator Senior Asst Comm I Mohd Jamidan Abdullah. The operation started on Saturday at the Sook-Keningau road.

The lorries did not have valid permits, no valid road tax and no safety features and some of the drivers had expired driving licences. The logs are suspected to be from forest areas in Pensiangan, Kalabakan, Nabawan and Sook in the interior of the state, close to the Kalimantan border.

The suspects are being investigated under Section 5(a) and 11(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1993 which they will face a jail term of 14 days and up to 20 years and fined RM10,000 or five times the bribe amount.

Yesterday, the agency continued with the seizure of 2,000 more logs, which are believed to be from a sawmill in the Nabawan area.

ACA is looking at the possibility of corruption among the enforcement agencies.

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