Illegal Motorcycle Racers Held

10 December 2007

Police hauled up 82 people aged between 15 and 38 years old in a pre-dawn four-hour operation on Sunday for illegal racing. Four women and students were among those arrested and 77 motorcycles were seized. Some of the illegal motorcycle racers, also known as Mat Rempit, more managed to escape on foot after abandoning their motorcycles.

106 summonses were issued including 57 for reckless riding, 43 for not stopping when ordered to by uniformed personnel and 43 for beating the red light. Police also issued summonses for offences related to vehicle licences, road tax, insurance, registration number plates and illegal vehicle modifications.

One suspect tested positive for syabu.

The suspects had to push their motorcycles from Jalan Tun Dr Ismail to the Ipoh traffic police station along Jalan Chamberlain.

The Star Online – Married couple and students among 82 caught in dragnet

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