Indonesian Jailed for Posing as Customs Officer

26 November 2008

A 36-year-old Indonesian from Kampung Raja Uda, Port Klang, has been sentenced to 42 days’ jail time and fined RM95,000 yesterday for three counts of soliciting and accepting bribes while posing as a Customs officer. The man, named Joni Efendi Duahmad, pleaded guilty to all charges.

The judge at the Sessions Court ordered that he be deported to Indonesia after serving his sentence and that the bribe money be returned to 61-year-old shopowner Peng Kim Sing. A forged identity card found on Joni is to be sent to the National Registration Department for destruction.

On 28 October 2008, Joni and a Sabaruddin Abu Bakar, went to the shop owned by Peng, posing as Customs officers without any identification. Joni asked for RM10,000 from Peng so that the latter would not be arrested for possessing three bottles of liquor without license.

Peng went to a bank to withdraw RM5,000 and gave it to Joni. They then agreed to meet on 8 November 2008 to settle the remaining amount. On 8 November when the two returned to the shop, Joni was arrested while Sabaruddin managed to escape.

The Star Online – Indonesian who posed as Customs officer jailed for graft

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