Indonesian Journalist Assaulted and Raped by Indonesian Worker

22 September 2007
Kuala Lumpur

A 34-year-old Indonesian magazine journalist who was in the country on assignment to report on allegations of abuse and exploitation of Indonesian workers was assaulted and raped on Monday by a man, believed to be also Indonesian.

The suspect had tricked her into thinking that he could help her obtain information for her report. He had lured her into a kongsi at a construction site in Liman Kati, Kuala Kangsar. Acting on a tip-off, police stormed the place, rescued the journalist and arrested the 57-year-old contract worker.

Police said that the suspect had identity and travel documents bearing three different names. The suspect will be remanded by police until Tuesday.

The journalist suffered bruises on her face as she was hit with a wooden ash-tray. She was treated at the Kuala Kangsar Hospital and is now seeking refuge at the Indonesian consulate in Penang.

It is believed that the journalist, who works with a magazine in North Kalimantan, had planned to go undercover to collect information on the condition of Indonesian workers in Malaysia.

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